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Online Consultancy Disclaimer
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To avail of the facility of online consultation, please study the general terms & conditions

1) All cases taken up for treatment &/or consultation are studied in detail using a special software.

2) The best quality of medicines is used for dispensing.

3) The medicines if asked for, will be delivered to the patient by courier.

4) Since the consultation &/or treatment will have to take place without physical examination of the patient & without actually seeing the patient's past medical records & investigation reports, it is not possible to offer a 100% guarantee of cure. In case of being unable to achieve a cure, the patient or his/her relatives will have no right to ask for any financial &/or other claims/damages.

5) As has been mentioned elsewhere in this site, homeopathic medicines when taken under the guidance of a qualified homeopathic physician is free from side-effects. Hence any untoward development taking place during the period of treatment will not be blamed on the medicines or consultation offered & the patient will have no right to ask for any damages with respect to the same.

I hope my readers can appreciate the need for inclusion of the above disclaimers due to the nature of online consultation, though it does sound a little harsh in context of the noble profession of a doctor.

6) All payment must be made in the name of Dr.Kashmira Patel.

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