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Patients' Feedback

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Your feedback is VERY IMPORTANT to us. Please tell about your experience of consulting with us.


Here is what some of our patients have to say:

Kashmira is a very caring and understanding doctor. I am very happy that she is my family doctor.
H. M .Mehta, Baroda

I thinki homoeopathy with Dr. Patel has really helped my daughter recover from her throat and breathing problems. She was getting reactions from allopathis medicines. But Homeopathy has really cured her. Please continue the good work, and may god be with you.
SHilpa Shah, Baroda

Dr. Kashmira is very intelligent and helpful. She helps not only with medicines, but also tells how to eat properly and live our lifestyle, so that we reamin healthy. After taking her advice, our family has less health problems. Thank you doctor.
Mr. Samir and Mrs Malavika Patel, Mumbai

I am very happy to see that Dr Kashmira now has a website. Her excellent advice and goodwill can now reach people beyond Baroda.
Mr. Anoop Gaekwad, Baroda

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